Re-thinking Teacher Training 


The Melbourne Graduate School of Education is out of the blocks fast with a new fast track course for those looking for an alternative pathway into teaching. Ahead of Education Minister Chris Pyne's Ministerial Advisory Group's recommendations on teacher training, MGSE's Dean Field Rickards is building on the schools’ popular Master of Teaching programme with a new offering. In 2015, suitable candidates will be able to pursue their training via a 3 year paid internship. It's an interesting advance on the Teach for Australia concept and recognises the way that high costs could be preventing otherwise vocationally committed individuals from attempting teaching. By placing interns straight into the classroom, after seven weeks of intense summer course work, and with supervision from a master teacher, the newbies will have some advantages over their more traditionally trained peers. For a start, they will realise pretty quickly whether or not they are cut out for teaching, whether they are the right fit. And if the programme is structured correctly, with appropriate partner schools, the interns will be getting immediate hands-on experience that is informed by the best teaching practice. They will be class-room ready. It's a different integrated approach and points the way to the future  with universities working more closely at the coal-face with partner schools and with a lot of emphasis on the precise teaching techniques that boost student learning. One to watch!


Without Failure There Is No Success 


A friend of mine is head of PE at an independent school in Melbourne. Like all good teachers he's  a great motivator and learner. Check out his blog


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